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OSU not caving. Denies Waters request for hearing

OSU not caving. Denies Waters request for hearing


The Waters-OSU war wages on, and OSU has deflected the latest blow. “We will not be revisiting this decision. It is closed, and it is time to move on,” Chris Davey, a school spokesman wrote in response to the request. The response also acknowledges that while yes, band alumni have come forward saying that they had a wonderful experience in the band, specific issues have yet to be countered. The nicknames, the songbook, the raunchy lyrics and alcohol abuse haven’t been denied the letter read.

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Previously August 27, 2014
Waters still not giving up, demands a hearing

Former Ohio State band director isn’t quite ready to give up, even as the band prepares for its first performance without him. His lawyer David Axelrod has sent a letter to university officials to request  a hearing on campus so that he can clear his name. In the letter, several cases were sited that dealt with the Fourteenth Amendment to allow for “life, liberty or property without due process of law,” according to the Dispatch. The letter accuses the university of denying Waters due process, and is calling for a public hearing on campus where an unbiased third party would preside over the whole ordeal, testimonies and to allow the hearing to be open to the public.

The university has not responded to the letter yet but has said they still stand by their choice and the findings of the report.

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