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Good news about those campus rats

Good news about those campus rats


Last fall, Columbus sent out patrols to monitor the number of rats taking up residence near Campus. And it looks like those numbers are pretty low: evidence of rats was found at just six of the 773 homes in the area. Which is good news for Columbus, as that means rodent numbers are down from previous years.

The rat patrol is part of a pilot program that started in 2008, which looked into the number of rats in Campus, the Short North, and Downtown. And since the Campus statistics are looking good, they’ll move onto the next neighborhood (Franklinton) in a couple weeks. (deb)

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Previously Oct. 1, 2014

Rat patrol back on near OSU campus

In 2008, a pilot program ended that kept an eye on rats near Campus, the Short North, and Downtown. In an attempt to remain proactive about the situation, the city has amped up its coverage of the campus area and are patrolling for rats (an eight-inch rat has already been found!). Health departments workers are keeping a keen eye on any evidence of the creatures and if they see any, will leave information with surrounding residents on how to keep the rodents at bay.

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