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Dear 614

Dear 614


Welcome to “Dear (614)”! Have a question about college chaos, love life insanities, or navigating the world after graduation? Send ’em our way here, and we’ll dish out some unfiltered, possibly ludicrous advice that’ll make you laugh, cringe, or wonder why you even asked.

How do you go about finding a job you will actually love!?
– Linds

The first thing to remember is that finding a job is a process and sometimes it can take time. No matter how long it takes don’t give up. Also, make a list of nonnegotiables you are looking for in a job, and don’t settle. If all else fails, marrying rich is also a good plan.

I’ve been talking to a guy for 3 months and he still hasn’t asked me to be his GF… how long do I wait before I bring it up? I’m worried it will all be a waste of time.
– Sara

Girl, I hate to say it, but you’re already wasting your time. Have you guys talked about making things official? Is he talking to other girls? Are you the only girl he’s talking to? I say bring it up as soon as you can. Life is too short to play the waiting game. If he says he wants to be your BF, congrats! If he says no, then you know he wasn’t the right guy for you and you won’t be wasting any more time. It’s as simple as that. Either way, relationships are tough and scary, so I do wish you the best of luck 🙂

What is the best way to know which classes you can skip?
– John Smith

Hi Freshman! I hope you’re enjoying your first semester. Anyway, I’ve found a flow chart for you (I found it on Harvard’s website, so you know it’s legit) and I think that’s explanation enough.

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