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Columbus-style pizza? Hopping Bar? LGBTQIA+ Safe Space? Meet the south campus spot that does it all

Columbus-style pizza? Hopping Bar? LGBTQIA+ Safe Space? Meet the south campus spot that does it all


There’s a newer bar and pizza kitchen in the Ohio State University District – and it’s shaking, stirring, and slicing things up with its food, drinks, and inclusivity. 

“If you look nationwide, there’s been a decline in LGBTQ restaurants and bars. We wanted to progress in that matter and offer something more in Columbus,” says Slammies on High co-owner Carson Nethers. 

Slammies on High might sound familiar to patrons of Slammers, its older downtown sibling that Carson’s aunt opened in 1993. When she announced her intention to retire last year, Carson decided he would take over. 

“It’s something that’s been in our family for a long time. I thought, who’s better to do this than me? I’m young, I have the energy to take this one.” 

So much energy, in fact, that he also decided to open Slammies with Matthew Johns and Ryan Skehan, as an “all-inclusive safe space for people who identify in different ways.”


“When I first came to OSU, I was still closeted, and I wish I had an experience like this where there were other gay kids around me, compared to going to LGBTQ bars with an older audience,” said Logan K., an OSU student who also does social media for Slammies. 

While Slammers bills itself as being one of 21 remaining lesbian bars in the United States, patrons say that Slammies—which opened in March of this year—is the first and only LGBTQ+ bar at OSU.    

Jason R., an OSU graduate student in social work, says they’ve been to Slammers many times downtown, even meeting their girlfriend there. Visiting Slammies for a recent happy hour, Jason says they love ‘all the rainbow-ness of it.’ 

“I’m so excited that there’s a queer place this close to campus. We love Slammers, but it’s downtown and that’s an Uber ride away. Now it’s just a walk away and I’m really excited about that.” 

Skehan, who is also the general manager of Slammies, has high hopes for the venture,. saying that Columbus is his favorite city in the country. 

“There’s so much potential. It’s friendlier definitely, especially for the LGBTQ+ community.” 

The New Jersey native also offers this high praise for our city’s signature pizza: “I think Columbus style pizza is much better than New York style.” 

In case you don’t know, Columbus style pizza is known by its square cut, thin crust, and edge-to-edge toppings. It also happens to be what Slammies – and Slammers – are known for. In fact, the menus are almost identical, although Slammies caters to its campus lunch crowd by offering smaller pizzas as well. 

“It’s great to have the support of the community, but we’re also a restaurant that serves everybody…We’re known for our pizza, so we’re getting that out here. We’re not just a bar, we also have great food,” said Nethers. 

As for the drinks, Johns – who is also the bar manager at Slammers – is having some fun with the craft cocktails. 

Two of his most popular creations include the “Slamminade” (vodka, raspberry, lemon, and soda) and the “Slammierita” (tequila, orange liqueur, strawberry, and lime).  And for those looking to guide their evening in a different direction, he’s concocted the made-for-two “Homewrecker” (vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, strawberry, and Red Bull). 

A full mocktail menu is also available; the owners say this is yet another way they can strive to include everyone.

Slammies is also working to organize events similar to the mainstays at Slammers, including music and “regular” trivia nights and karaoke, according to Nethers. 

“Last night, a group of people were playing cards and having drinks at the booths. That’s great, that’s fun. We want people to come in here and enjoy the time they’re spending, not just come in, get something to eat and leave,” said Nethers. “We want a more inclusive environment and give people more stuff to do.” 

OSU undergraduate sociology major Devon R. was recently enjoying a happy hour Slammierita. When asked how Slammers compares to Slammies, she had this to say:   

“I didn’t find love there like Jason, but maybe here…”

Whether you’re looking for love, pizza, a drink, or all of the above, Slammies offers a weekday happy hour from 4 to 6 pm, as well as weekday lunch specials from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

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