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Dear 614

Dear 614


Welcome to “Dear (614)”! Have a question about college chaos, love life insanities, or navigating the world after graduation? Send ’em our way here, and we’ll dish out some unfiltered, possibly ludicrous advice that’ll make you laugh, cringe, or wonder why you even asked.

Which is the better dating app to meet people in Columbus/at OSU, Tinder or Hinge?
– Gwen

I think it’s a personal preference. In my opinion, though, I’ve seen a lot more success on Hinge. You could just make an account on each platform and see which does better. Although I think the best dating app is Bumble. I’ve found the most amount of normal people on there.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost a year now. We have a great relationship and talk about our future together. He would be a good husband and I’m happy but sometimes I miss dating. Is it worth giving up someone that you’d marry to go back to dating to see what else is out there?
– Victoria

What is it that you miss about dating? Do you miss meeting new people? If so, put yourself out there more to make new friends. Do you miss going on dates in general? Then tell your boyfriend he needs to step up and take you out more. I see a red flag if you guys have stopped dating each other and you’re not even married yet. Do you miss hooking up with other people? Then, yeah, maybe it will be more fulfilling for you to just be single again. There’s nothing that says you have to stay with your current boyfriend forever just because “he would make a good husband.” If your end goal in life is getting married then make sure whoever that person is makes you feel more loved, safe, and happy than anyone else on the planet, no questions.

I want a boyfriend by Christmas. I have never dated anyone before, but to be honest I never really had time to commit to a relationship before now. Since I’ve never really dated I don’t really know how to get a boyfriend, but I think it would be magical to spend the holidays and winter (one of my favorite seasons) of my freshman year with a boyfriend. How do I get a boyfriend by the end of the holidays/Christmas?
– Jane Jones

Ahhh it looks like cuffing season is officially upon us. I’m really tempted to answer this sarcastically, but Jane Jones, you seem like a genuine person. Therefore, here is what I would genuinely do. Download a dating app (see above for the best one to use) and start swiping away, and I’m sure in time you will find your perfect boo thing. And if all else fails there is always this WikiHow article you can check out, with pictures 😉

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