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Franklinton—The new Short North, hopefully

Franklinton—The new Short North, hopefully


Neighborhoods love to compare themselves to the Short North, a once dilapidated, crime-ridden area now a hub of new businesses and young artists. It’s the American dream story, neighborhood style. Franklinton has been touted as being the next Short North, and the next place to be by developers looking to revitalize the area. The problem: it’s not. Franklinton just hasn’t gotten there yet, and Mayor Coleman is setting his sights on getting it there. “The bottoms is not an appropriate name of Franklinton, because that represents the bottom of something. The truth is this is a neighborhood that is about to be on top,” Coleman said to NBC4. This summer about 20 new homes are planning to go up in the area, the first in three generations, and that could be the start to a brand new Short North-esque area.

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