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Marching band fallout extends to music publishers

Marching band fallout extends to music publishers


As opinions are slung around the marching band culture, lines are drawn in the murky waters of what actually happened within the marching band. The fallout from the infamous Best Damn Band In The Land have extended to music publishers, who fall on both sides of the argument. Some publishers have banned the Ohio State Marching Band from playing their music. Some don’t want to be associated with the band and the culture that has been reported and led to the firing of former director Jonathan Waters. Others though, don’t want to be part of a university who jumps to rash and under developed conclusions about the leadership, according to the Dispatch. “They have lost support with some publishers,” Mark Greenburg, president of Tresona Music told the paper. “The publicity surrounding these unfortunate events resonates across many different facets of music.”

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