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Student arrested as suspect in Westerville school threat

Student arrested as suspect in Westerville school threat


UPDATE: The person that was arrested in connection to the Westerville South High School threat was a student that hasn’t been named. He has been charged with delinquency felony count of inducing panic and has since been taken to the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center, according to the Dispatch. Even with the arrest though, school leaders aren’t taking the threat lightly and a police presence will remain at the school through the week. The threat read: 9/15 School Shooting so don’t come! Warning!

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Over the weekend parents began to fear the worst about sending their kids back to Westerville South High School after a threat written on the bathroom wall indicated an attack could take place Monday and tips were taken anonymously through the weekend. Police have said they have arrested a suspect in the threat around 6:40 a.m. Monday. Police presence will remain at the school through the week to ensure the school’s safety, but it will function as normal. “Given this latest news, we do hope that families will be sending their students to school,” Westerville South High School Principal Steve Andersson wrote in a letter sent home to families, according to NBC4.

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Previously September 9, 2104
Westerville South High sent note home about possible threat

Students left Westerville South High School Monday like any other day, with a note in hand to give to parents with information on a possible threat on the school. A student informed authorities at the school that he had seen a piece of graffiti in the bathroom with a threat on the school for Sept. 15. Officials are still working to determine if it is valid, but the letter that was sent home with students read, “Our efforts already have identified several leads that will be investigated further.”

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