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Rape reported, 911 call questioned

Rape reported, 911 call questioned


A 911 call made June 8 has been pushed into the spotlight, and the dispatcher’s handling of the call has been questioned. The call was made by the victim to report a man had broken into the house she was in, held her at gunpoint and forced to perform oral sex. During the call the dispatcher told her to “quit crying” according to the 911 call. According to The Lantern, the dispatcher has not been punished. “There’s regular training that the 911 dispatchers go through and they are trained to be sympathetic and empathetic with callers. Could this dispatcher been more sympathetic and empathetic? Sure, but her role was to get the information from the victim and track down the suspect at the same time, which happened,” said Columbus Division of Police spokeswoman Denise Alex-Bouzounis. The suspect was found and charged the following morning.

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