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Woman not actually kicked off COTA before garage assault

Woman not actually kicked off COTA before garage assault



Over the weekend a woman told police she had been sexually assaulted in an empty garage near OSU’s campus after being kicked off a COTA bus for not wearing shoes. Investigators said Friday morning that she was not actually told to get off any COTA bus because of a broken sandal, the Dispatch reported. A detective said that since the initial report the women said she got off the bus willingly and didn’t attempt to get on another one because she thought she would not be allowed on.

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Previously September 8, 2014
Woman says she was raped after being kicked off COTA

UPDATE: The suspect in the rape case near OSU’s campus Saturday has been given a bond at $200,000. 36-year-old Randy M. Graham Jr. was arrested after he was found on top of a 21-year-old woman in an empty garage off OSU’s campus.

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A woman told police that following an incident where a COTA bus driver told her she needed to get off the bus because she was required to wear shoes (her flip flop was broken she told police), she got off the bus and went to a UDF near Ohio State’s campus. Authorities said while there, she encountered Randy M. Graham Jr. who proposed going to a nearby empty garage because it had started to rain, but then forced her into a garage and raped her, she told police. Two Columbus bike patrol officers saw the incident and she told them she was being raped and Graham (who was homeless) was arrested for both kidnapping and rape, according to NBC4.

According to the station, he is set to be arraigned Monday morning.

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