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Kids, back to granny’s liquor cabinet: Favorite hangout axed

Kids, back to granny’s liquor cabinet: Favorite hangout axed

614now Staff

A “haven for underage drinking” on Park Street is getting the boot.

Columbus City Council rejected to renew Park Street Cantina’s liquor license because they’ve been been taking the legal drinking age of 21 as a suggestion.

“We are picking the worst of the worst. We are presenting strong cases to the division (of liquor control),” said William Sperlazza, an assistant city attorney, per The Dispatch. “We are not picking on anybody. We aren’t picking permits on any other reason other than evidence and facts of the law.”

The Ohio Investigative Unit found that on 48 different counts, Park Street Cantina either enabled underage possession or alcohol or sold alcohol to minors between July 2016 and August 2017.

“I think it’s fair to say this is the place off campus where underage individuals go to buy and consume alcohol,” Sperlazza said. “If a liquor permit holder is going to allow 18-, 19- and 20-year-olds (inside), it’s their right to do so because they’re adults. But it’s also that bar’s responsibility as a permit holder to monitor who is purchasing alcohol (and) monitor who that alcohol is going to.”

The Dispatch reports a permit can be held in safekeeping for up to a year and if an objection to renewal isn’t resolved by February, the business is still able to operate until a state hearing officer rules on the case.

Here are the other permits the city objected to renewing:

  • A to Z Market, 1015 E. Hudson St.
  • Moses One Stop Shop, 1609 Cleveland Ave.
  • High Five Spice Emporium, 1178 N. High St.
  • United Food Land, 2222 Summit St.
  • Town Market (Vans Market), 1270 W. Town St.

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