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Local spot to serve last dirty dogs soon

Local spot to serve last dirty dogs soon

614now Staff

Dirty Frank’s West on Broad Street as we know it will be no longer.

On October 19, a post was made on the Dirty Frank’s West Facebook saying that due to emergency maintenance issues, the hot dog restaurant was going to be closing until further notice. Later that day, another post was made, divulging that standing water was found in the basement and upon removal, more serious problems with the building were discovered. The restaurant was set to close Friday, October 20 and thereafter.

Dirty Frank supporters were left in the dark until yesterday morning when the owner and landlord, Nick Ailabouni, wrote a lengthy post on the restaurant’s Facebook page, relaying some somber news.

It is with tremendous sadness that we’ll be shutting our doors at 11pm on Saturday, Nov 4th,” he wrote.

The restaurant will open back up tomorrow, October 24 but November 4 will be its last day.

“Being closed the past few days has allowed us to review and assess our operations and facilities. Our old building is showing its age and we have been operating on borrowed time. The deferred maintenance can rear its ugly head at any time, as we found out this past week. Aside from the costly issue that occurred on Thursday, there are many other building needs. And as supportive as the Westside community has been, this space is best served with an owner-operator model, which is not what we currently have in place.”

But Ailabouni assures that this doesn’t mark the end of a Dirty Frank’s Westgate location.

“This isn’t goodbye, rather more like hitting the reset button,” he wrote. “We have been working for some time on launching a mobile unit and catering operations. These plans are in the works and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to go.”

In the meantime, Ailabouni asks that if anyone knows of any job opportunities for the employees at the Westside location to pass them along. Everyone is also encouraged to show DFW some love on it’s last few days in the location its served for nearly four years.


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