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White nationalist sicking lawyers on Ohio State

White nationalist sicking lawyers on Ohio State

614now Staff

Two requests to speak at Ohio State University were submitted by white nationalist Richard Spencer. Both of those requests were also denied and because of it, the lawyer for Spencer says he will sue the university.

OSU doesn’t want Spencer traipsing through campus because it may present a “substantial risk to public safety, as well as material and substantial disruption to the work and discipline of the University,” reports WOSU per a letter from the college.

But Spencer’s lawyer calls that “trampling upon the First Amendment,” thus a lawsuit has been promised. The suit seeks damages an and injunction, reports WOSU.

A letter from the lawyer to Ohio State detailing the intentions to pursue legal action was signed, “Alea iacta est.” That’s Latin for “the die is cast.”

Penn State who also rejected Spencer’s request to speak is being sued, too.

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