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83 OSU students accused of a big no-no

83 OSU students accused of a big no-no

614now Staff

A bunch of Ohio State students are probably wiping cold sweat off their forehead right now as cheating accusations swarm.

NBC4i reports an investigation by the Academic Misconduct committee at OSU found 83 undergrads in the Fisher College of Business used a messaging app called “GroupMe” to cheat on assignments. The snitch? Their professor.

These students may be in danger of missing graduation because of the charges.

OSU released this statement per NBC4i:

“Any form of academic misconduct is unacceptable and the university takes all allegations seriously. Students charged with academic misconduct violations may accept responsibility for the charges or request a hearing before COAM pursuant to the Code of Student Conduct. If found in violation, students receive sanctions based on the nature and severity of the violation in accordance with university standards and protocols. Sanctions for unauthorized collaboration range from warnings to dismissal and can also include grade penalties.”

The line between collaborating and straight up copying can sometimes be blurred but we shall see the fate of the 83 students soon enough.

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