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Dumpsters call AMC Lennox, want their rats back

Dumpsters call AMC Lennox, want their rats back

614now Staff

Well, AMC Lennox has rats.

It started on a Reddit thread yesterday and then 10tv got ahold of it and dug a little deeper.

Here’s how it went…

A group of friends were catching a movie on Halloween at the AMC in Lennox. They soon realized they were sharing a theater with Ratatouille. They were grossed out but they paid to get into the movie and damnit, they weren’t going to throw in the towel that early—it could’ve been a loner rat, right?

Nope, he was in a posse…a posse that had a hankering for something sweet, sticky, and sour. One of the friends looked over and sees a rat’s ass sticking out of his Sour Patch Kids.

So the group left and told management and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) who gave the theater five days to rid the place of rats.

AMC experienced this problem back in September and managed to eradicate it. They assure this instance will be no different.

T-minus two days left to exterminate.


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