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More details about the night before Campbell was found dead

More details about the night before Campbell was found dead

614now Staff

The two Taylor House residents that heard gunshots coming from Heather Campbell’s apartment the night before her and her boyfriend Kyle Lafferty’s bodies were found are opening up more about their experience.

The Lantern reports that Katherine Bache and her boyfriend Jonathan Reed heard screams coming from a nearby unit around 2am on September 16. They called the Taylor House after-hours line and were recommended to call a nonemergency number. But that didn’t seem like enough so they decided to investigate the source of the screaming—Apartment 149, Campbell’s unit.

The two were standing in front of her apartment when they heard three consecutive gunshots. The Lantern reports that those were the shots fired by Lafferty that killed Campbell.

Bache and Reed fled to the parking lot where they called 911. The couple says the two responding officers didn’t take the situation seriously. Reed says it seemed like one of the officers wasn’t even listening.



The cops said the gunshots they heard were probably sounds from a television. They did not enter the apartment complex because they said they needed a warrant. The officers left after they made sure no other calls came in about a disturbance.

Denise Alex-Bouzounis, Columbus Police’s information officer, told The Lantern that the call from Bache and Reed was so unusual because with reports of gunshots, they typically receive multiple calls. In the case of September 16, there was just one call.

Twenty-four hours later when Campbell and Lafferty’s bodies were found, authorities woke Bache and Reed to tell them the news. They described the scene to them as, “gory.”

Reed believes Lafferty could have still been alive after the three gunshots. Both Reed and Bache believe police could have done more.


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