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Going viral: Local teen with cancer has hospital homecoming

Going viral: Local teen with cancer has hospital homecoming

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Update: You’ve probably seen a story buzzing around the internet about a high school boy not being able to leave the hospital to attend homecoming and his date brining the festivities to him. But did you know those teens are from Columbus?

The boy is Blake Mounts—the young boy who discovered he had Leukemia thanks to a Hilliard School Resource Officer suggesting he get his pale complexion checked out (see story below).

He and his best friend, Kaitlin O’Connor had made plans to attend the Hilliard Darby Homecoming dance together. Mounts was going to leave the hospital for a few hours to spend at the dance but his cancer was becoming so severe that that was no longer an option.

It was actually his sister Taylor’s idea to bring the dance to him. She rounded up O’Connor and some close friends and family to decorate his room at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

O’Connor and Taylor documented it all on Twitter and received 53,000 retweets and 365,000 likes.

09/25/2017: One officer’s suggestion for a teen to see the school nurse turned out to be a life saving coaxing.

Hilliard School Resource Officer John Gleason noticed senior Blake Mounts’ complexion was very pale one day when he was walking into school.

Gleason recommended that Mounts see the school nurse. He then went on to see the family doctor which led to a visit to Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Which then led to a childhood Leukemia diagnosis.

Mounts said Gleason is a hero but he denies such labels. Gleason said he was only being observant.

Mounts’ mother told NBC4i that he requires a bone marrow transplant. You can help not only the Mounts but any family dealing with cancer by checking your type at and donating today.





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