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On anniversary of OSU terror attack, hero breaks silence

On anniversary of OSU terror attack, hero breaks silence

614now Staff

One year ago as Ohio State students were returning to class after Thanksgiving break, 18-year-old Abdul Artan went on a violent rampage, injuring 13 people. For the first time, the officer who stopped the attack is breaking the silence.

OSU Officer Alan Horujko sat down with OSU officials to recount his experience that day that lead to him shooting and killing Artan.

Per ABC6, this is what Horujko had to say…

Officer Horujko had just finished a report and was getting up for some coffee when a report of a gas leak came in. He offered to head down to the scene to help with traffic control.

“I remember sitting there for a while, I was just sitting out there with the beacons on to my car … I see a car continue on, go up a curb, strike a bunch more people and then eventually stop in the middle of that courtyard area,” said Horujko. “At the time, I just thought it was a medical emergency, just an accident.”

But it was no accident.

“I noticed that the driver side door was open, which was kind of weird, and there was nobody inside … at that point in time was when I heard, like, a secondary wave of screams,” Horujko recalled. “The senses went off that something wasn’t right. I drew my gun and asked what was going on and somebody said, ‘He’s got a machete.'”

Artan was chasing people around, slashing his knife as Horujko continually ordered him to drop his knife.

“But he never looked back, never acknowledged me,” so Horujko did what he had to do.

Horujko has received many honorable recognitions since the attack and is revered as a hero.

Visit ABC6 for more information.



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