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OSU Students Have an Insane Vision for High Street

OSU Students Have an Insane Vision for High Street

614now Staff

An image of an Olive Garden sign, a beacon of millennial cuisine apparently.

The students on Ohio State’s campus are certainly our future — 66,000 of our most austere, up and coming kids that’ll certainly change the future. Hell, High St. is already seeing dramatic change because of their shopping, eating and drinking habits.

Ohio State students were given an opportunity via a survey conducted by the Ohio State Student Government to give a #hottake on what they would like to see plopped down onto the main Campus drag of High Street. Unsurprisingly, bars and restaurants – but the most interesting thing is not what but who.

Students want:

  • Olive Garden
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Skyline Chili

It is as if OSU students are doubling down on what many consider absolute trash behavior, bringing no local value to the area at all and instead turning it into a suburban-style strip mall. But hey, that’s just my opinion — I’m sure there are a ton of people that love Olive Garden and that is totally fine and cool — seriously no hate. But do we really need another one? And let’s be real — they want the Olive Garden for endless breadsticks — tuition is expensive and bread is filling.

Just saying, that if you’re given the entire scope of all restaurants everywhere, and your first pick is an Olive Garden — there are some serious priority issues. CiCi’s Pizza ranks above Olive Garden — hell, even Cracker Barrel is preferable.

As for the rest of the list, nothing stands out as too problematic — they value their dive bars and drunk makeout spots — and there’s even some local ice cream and coffee love. The Forever 21 just stinks of desperation though, and Walmart would be downright catastrophic.

But they did get one thing right, there will be an “urban” Target on 16th and High in 2018.


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