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Young #SaveTheCrew-ers speak out in UA Elementary newspaper

Young #SaveTheCrew-ers speak out in UA Elementary newspaper

614now Staff

You don’t have to be old enough to drive—or even old enough to walk independently to gym class—to support the #SaveTheCrew movement.

Some young, curious, and passionate pupils at Upper Arlington’s Barrington Elementary have taken to the school newspaper to explore the Columbus Crew SC’s potential relocation to Austin. These kids don’t waste time beating around the bush. They dish you the facts, they ask straight-forward questions, and give point blank answers. And as it turns out, they are willing to do whatever it takes to #SaveTheCrew.

After the important issue of candy is covered, the young journalist launches into an overview of the Crew relocation drama. Then an interview ensues.

Ethan: “What is your opinion on the Crew moving to Austin, Texas?

Jack: “I absolutely hate it and they should stay. It is sad that they might be moving.”

Ethan: “What is your opinion on building a new stadium?”

Jack: “I think whatever it takes to save the Crew I’ll go with it.”

We need to find you a megaphone and a group of people to lead, Jack.

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