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614 Donut Trail: Jolly Pirate

614 Donut Trail: Jolly Pirate

614now Staff

Jolly Pirate

3118 Southwest Blvd, Grove City

Buttermilk Clump- Iced

If you’re going to give Jolly Pirate a try, pass on this one. Good texture despite its gnarly appearance but it’s too sweet.

Iced Jelly

Did you love Toaster Strudels growing up? Then you’ll love this sweet, soft, jelly-filled surprise!

Chocolate Overload

Light chocolate icing that’s thicker than a glaze but not lathered on like frosting is muy delicioso. Fluffy chocolate stuffing adds a big ol’ kick of sweet. Don’t gorge yourself on this big, sweet guy. It’s a donut marathon, not a race.


Typically, sprinkles are just for aesthetic but these black and yellow sprinkles actually contribute to the taste and texture. We could just be saying that because we bleed Black and Yellow, though. #SaveTheCrew


Buckeye Special

Peanut butter filling is oh-so yummy and natural tasting. Bonus points for the little buckeye treat on top!

Devil Food

Just call us Lucifer because we’re crazy for this Devil Food donut. Nice initial crunch, great glaze, and the chocolatey yet not overwhelming taste is sure to nab your sweet tooth right.

Blueberry -Editor’s pick!

Holy yum. This cake donut manages to be crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Blueberry flavor is on point and so is this donut in its entirety.


Feel free to judge this donut by its cover because the pretty pink outside is just as good as the inside.


The iced outside has a very satisfying, light crunch giving way to a soft and subtly spicy inside. Rich flavor that’s not too sweet.

Chocolate Frosted

Chocolate frosting is super tasty but the actual donut could be a bit doughier. Definitely, definitely not bad,though.

Honey Dipped -Editor’s 2nd pick!

Wow. This honey dipped donut knocks it out of the park with its soft mouthfeel, slight taste of deep fryer, and sweet glazed finish.

Dutch Crumb

This cinnamon sugary-spiced donut would be great dipped in coffee. By itself….just eh. Just a bit too fluffy and dry.


Taste: 4.5 stars

Freshness: 5 stars

Instagram-ability: 4 stars

Bang for your buck: 5 stars

Creativity: 4.5 stars

Overall: 4.5 stars


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