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Update: FedEx tries clearing air about NRA/Jeni’s conflict

Update: FedEx tries clearing air about NRA/Jeni’s conflict

614now Staff

Update: From Columbus, to Cincinnati, down to Tampa Bay, Jeni Britton Bauer’s call to action directed towards National Rifle Association-supporting FedEx is making waves.

On social media, Jeni posed an ultimatum to her primary shipping carrier; either drop its support of the NRA or her ice cream company would be dropping it.

When she didn’t hear back, Jeni posted that she’d be looking into taking her 100,000+ yearly shipments elsewhere. See below for more details.

Yesterday, FedEx posted an updated statement on its website regarding questions and concerns about its affiliation with the  NRA.

“FedEx is aware there are some continuing concerns related to the NRA, and we want to provide important, clarifying facts.”

1) FedEx does not offer discounts to the NRA itself but rather its members

“The pricing program that is the focus of these concerns is not for the NRA itself – it is for American small businesses and consumers that are members of the association.”

2) FedEx has never accepted money from the NRA

“FedEx has never provided any donation or sponsorship to the NRA which is one of hundreds of alliance and association participants that serve more than one million customers.”

And in closing….

“FedEx remains committed to all our customers and the pricing we provide them independent of their political affiliations and views.”

02/28/2018: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is looking to take its shipping elsewhere after its primary carrier, FedEx, refused to drop their support of the National Rifle Association.

Jeni Britton Bauer wrote on Instagram and Twitter that she is researching other companies to handle her 100,000+ shipments since the values of her company do not align with those of FedEx.

In the comments on the Instagram posts, she mentioned UPS saying “we’re going to see what we can make happen.”

This move by Jeni’s is garnering both support and criticism from customers on social media.

Much to Jeni’s dismay, FedEx doesn’t seem to be swaying on the issue. Huffington Posts reports despite the company’s statement saying assault-style rifles are an “inherent potential danger,” it will not end its partnership with the NRA.

Companies including Delta, United Airlines, and Enterprise Holdings have all ended discounts for NRA members recently.

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