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Watch: Cop nabs totally oblivious driver for texting

Watch: Cop nabs totally oblivious driver for texting

614now Staff

Cops have been cracking down on distracted driving but is simply hearing about the blitz enough to make you put down your phone?

If not, take a look at this embarrassing video of a distracted driver who put her head down to check her phone 14 times before he realized a cop was right next to her.

She even had a child in the car.

Don’t be that driver.


The Columbus Police Department directed efforts towards disciplining distracted drivers during the month of September.

In the first two weeks alone, officers stopped about 300 cars and issued 170 citations. The fine for texting and driving is $192.

Texting while driving is a  primary offense in Columbus which means cops don’t need another reason to pull you over if they spy you spying your phone.

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