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ODOT’s plan to curb new amusement park traffic nightmare

ODOT’s plan to curb new amusement park traffic nightmare

614now Staff

Many of you expressed your excitement about the 350-acre amusement park/entertainment complex going into Delaware County while others could already picture the nightmarish traffic issues it will create.

We must agree with the former….and the latter.

Columbus Business First reports Planet Oasis is expected to bring as many as 15,000 employees plus customers to its many attraction and travelers to its 4,000-5,000 hotel rooms.

That’s a lot of cars flowing into the Rt. 36-37 interchange on I-71, especially since it’s the only one for 20 miles and is already accommodating tons of Tanger Outlets traffic.


ODOT sees what looms in Rt. 36-37’s future and is devising a plan to help curb it.

Columbus Business First reports a new, $58.3 partial diamond interchange is planned for about one mile south of 36-37.

This is part of a larger project that could involve a new road and another interchange between Sunbury and Polaris.

Coming in at $65 million, this project could take as long as 2035 to complete.

The clinker is, 75 percent of the park is expected to be up and running as early as 2020.

A public information meeting is planned for Monday, August 18 when all interested parties are invited to comment on the proposed project.

Get more information about the meeting here. 

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