“He treats women abusively at his bar,” Hampton’s on King owner under fire

The domino effect is in full affect after one patron of Hampton’s on King took to Facebook with a hellish experience she had with owner Matt McLeod.

Rebecca Monday posted that on Thursday, June 7, she and her friends were sitting on the Hampton’s patio when they saw a man pushing a woman out the door and ordering her to get off his property. Monday and her friends all agreed his behavior was uncalled for.

When they went in to pay their tabs, they saw the same man with his head down on the bar. Monday said she approached him and offered to help him get an Uber home.

“This angered him and he screamed [that] this is my bar I can do what I want and I fucking live upstairs get out,” she wrote.

Shocked, Monday and her friends went to leave the bar with the man following behind, “causing confrontation.”

“The next thing I remember witnessing was the owner, swinging his fist into my female friend as we were exiting this mans establishment,” she wrote. “He luckily was so drunk and wobbly she was able to [dodge] his punches.”

Monday said the man grabbed and pushed her at one point, too.

She screamed out that she was calling 911 in hopes it would break up the fight but he laughed in reply, saying he couldn’t get into any trouble since they were on private property.

Sure enough, when the cops arrived, everyone fled and the cops said their hands were tied without a hurt victim, other witnesses, and the fact it was on private property.

“Apparently after sharing my story with a couple people I’ve now hear that the owner MATT MCLEOD does this often,” she continued. “It’s a normal thing that he treats women abusively at his bar and cops have been called multiple times and he’s never at fault. COLUMBUS we can not support this. I will never go back to that bar and I will be sure to share my story to everyone until that man gets the help he needs.”

The post quickly gained tractions and led others to come forward with similar run-ins with McLeod, including the woman involved in the altercation when Monday first arrived at Hampton’s.

Vayda Good and a friend had gotten food from a truck on Thursday, June 7 and took their to-go boxes over to Hampton’s.

“After noticing a man opening our boxes and eating our food I told him to stop and was yelled at because apparently it was his bar and he could do what he wanted,” Good wrote on Facebook.

Good and her friend decided to ignore the man. However, they were unable to ignore him when he approached them and grabbed at Good’s friend inappropriately.

“After he reached for my friend’s chest, I swatted his hand away and told him to leave us alone, which was apparently the final straw,” wrote Good. “He cursed at me and tried pushing me out of his bar, saying he would call the cops on me.”

She apologized for calling him out and left the bar.


They were standing outside for a while and talking with a bartender when the same man came out and “essentially chased” them off the sidewalk.

In reference to Monday’s post, Good wrote, “I believe this post evidently recounts the rest of the evening after I was kicked out.”

Also in wake of Monday’s Facebook statement, a Hampton’s employee has quit.

“In light of recent events I have terminated my employment at Hampton’s,” wrote Kira Runswithscissors Fleming. “I hope this will be a positive change for everyone involved.”

Yesterday, Monday posted an update to the saga.

“Hamptons on King is closed today due to staff walk out. These bartenders are very Brave. I Want them to know Columbus Is here for you. I will do everything I can to help all involved in this abuse.”

The company that hosts trivia at Hampton’s even made a post about the bar’s “staffing issues.”

Over the phone, Monday admits the last few days have been a whirlwind of emotions for her.

“I’m trying to do the right thing by speaking out for everybody,” she said. “The reason why I shared is because I also work in the service industry. I work hard to build a safe space for people.”

He can’t take back what already happened but Monday would like to see some accountability on McLeod’s part.

“If he has a problem he has to get help. If it was a one time thing, just be accountable for it,” said Monday. “Say, ‘Sorry’ and make sure you offer a safe place for people.”

For those who have had a similar experience as Monday, she says, “Stay strong and share your story and stay away from those establishments.”

Before Hampton’s opened on Monday, June 11, a message was sent to their Facebook page. No one has replied.


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