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How accurate are these “12 extremely weird things only people from Ohio do?”

How accurate are these “12 extremely weird things only people from Ohio do?”

Regina Fox

Every state has its own antics—Kentucky has country music, Colorado has recreational marijuana—but how accurately do these antics represent the general population?

Only In Your State recently put together a list of “12 Extremely Weird Things Only People From Ohio Do” and we’re wondering how many of these are actually things people from Ohio do and, more importantly, how “extremely weird” are they, really?

Check out the list below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

1. We often randomly yell out “O-H” and fully anticipate an “I-O” reply.
2. We spell our state’s name with our arms and take a photo—no matter where we are.
3. We avoid ALL things blue and yellow.
4. Many of us use the term “pop” instead of “soda.”
5. We eat large amounts of shredded cheese and chili on top of spaghetti…
6. We also dip our French fries in our Wendy’s frosty…
7. We sometimes use the AC and heat in the same day.
8. We can’t seem to agree on the way that “wash” is pronounced.
9. We usually give directions based on a location’s proximity to a major city and we give them in time increments, not miles.
10. Buffalo Wild Wings is “B-Dubs” to us.
11. Stores such as Meijer, Kroger and JC Penney are referred to in possessive form.
12. We have the epitome of a love/hate relationship with our state. We relentlessly make fun of Ohio while claiming it’s the best state there is.


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