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2020 killed a radio star: CD102.5 abandons radio broadcasting for online streaming

2020 killed a radio star: CD102.5 abandons radio broadcasting for online streaming

Nicholas Youngblood

Local alternative radio station CD102.5 left the airwaves Sunday after 30 years on FM radio when it was unable to reach an agreement with the owner of the FCC license.  The much beloved local station will now move to an online streaming format.

The station announced the move in a Facebook post Oct. 31, reassuring listeners that it will continue to spotlight local artists and engage with the Columbus community.

“As we move exclusively to the digital realm, we will have more freedom to play the music that YOU want to hear—to promote local artists, to engage with the community, and to do all of the things that we’ve always done—but better!” CD102.5 said in the post.

As a standalone indie station, CD102.5 has been a community favorite for decades thanks to its unique programming– bringing listeners up-and-coming acts not found on corporate stations.

Another draw comes from the station’s community engagement. In addition to regular community events, CD 102.5 is known for its nonprofit For the Kids, which has raised over $1,000,000 to support central Ohio children. The station will continue its charitable efforts, according to the Facebook post.

This is not the first time the station has found a new home. In 2010, the station–called CD101 at the time–moved from FM frequency 101.1 to 102.5 after the original frequency was sold.
Now entirely online, CD102.5 can be streamed on their website from any internet-connected device. The station has announced that an app is also in the works.


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