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Nina West releases PSA—how not to be an @$% this Labor Day

Nina West releases PSA—how not to be an @$% this Labor Day

Lori Schmidt

In the weeks after the Independence Day holiday, Ohio averaged close to 1,500 new COVID-19 cases per day.

“We believe in large part because of Independence Day gatherings,” wrote Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine. 


Combine that with the fact that earlier this week, Ohio reported the highest one-day total of new coronavirus cases, with 1,453 cases added on Tuesday, and there is a concern about what Labor Day weekend could mean for the state’s efforts to curtail the disease. 

Taking these facts into consideration, the effervescent Nina West is making time to remind her fellow Ohioans to wear a mask—she, of course, puts it a little more bluntly. 

West made the public service announcement, as well as two others you can see on YouTube, as part of her relationship with the organization Work Flow.

Work Flow’s focus is on selling personal protective equipment and is a sister company to Aunt Flow, a supplier of menstrual products.

Right now Work Flow is offering $5 off for customers who use the coupon code “614.”

Disclaimer: Work Flow utilized the services of the (614) Media video department in recording this PSA.

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