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BrewDog spreads Christmas beer with craft brew Advent calendar

BrewDog spreads Christmas beer with craft brew Advent calendar

Nicholas Youngblood

What day is it? Does anyone know anymore? Does it matter? In a post-COVID era where the passage of time can become a blur, BrewDog has found one way to mark each day: drinking.

BrewDog USA has released a beer Advent calendar so you can crack open a cold one as you count down the days to Christmas. The box comes packed with 19 craft beers, three ciders, and two pieces of exclusive BrewDog merch that are only available with the Advent calendar.


The calendar sells for a hefty sum at $95, but let’s be honest, a lot of that price is for bragging rights that you actually own a beer calendar. Yeah, your friends will be jealous. It’s available for purchase now on the BrewDog website, but it won’t ship until early November, so you’ll have to be patient. 

After that, it’s up to you to decide if you drink one brew each day or wait until Christmas Eve to down the whole pack. And if you decide to wait for a big blow-out BrewDog binge, please invite some friends to join in the festivities. Of course, we here at (614) will gladly help you drink it if you are in need of some volunteers. All in the service of safety–we would do anything for you, dear readers. So drink and be beery.

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