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Cakes, Cookies and Candy Canes: Check out each state’s favorite holiday treats

Cakes, Cookies and Candy Canes: Check out each state’s favorite holiday treats

614now Staff

Do you like cheesecake, Columbus? 

Because according to research from, the dessert is our state’s favorite holiday treat. 

Using Google Trends, Zippia assembled a map of favorite holiday treats across the country by looking at December 2019 data to see what people in each state are searching for the most. And cheesecake, evidently, isn’t something we alone get starry-eyed over. Eight states in addition to Ohio love that dessert the most. 

Zippia Marketing Manager Kathy Morris said she was most surprised to learn how much America loves holiday cheesecake and puddings. 

“Food can play a big role in interpersonal relationships in the workplace, so I think it’s a underappreciated topic,” Morris said. “While most Christmas parties and potlucks are cancelled this year, it’s comforting to know next year we’ll all be back to a galore of office cookies.”


Our neighbor to the north also favors cheesecake, but our other bordering states diverge a bit. Pennsylvania likes gingerbread cheesecake (call us intrigued), while West Virginia favors fudge. Indiana and Kentucky both like pudding, and we don’t blame them a bit. 

We do, however, have to confess that we don’t understand what the Carolinas see in fruitcakes. We just can’t get behind it. 

While we expected to find cakes, cookies, puddings, and seasonal drinks and candies, we were surprised with a couple of states’ results. Skittles, Washington? Really? And Utah, what’s with the Jolly Ranchers? Did you not know that pies and cakes were on the table?

Alaska evidently searched the most for M&M’s last December, but we’re giving them a pass because the chocolate candies are available in holiday colors. Plus maybe they were testing that whole “melt in your mouth, not in your hands” thing. We don’t know, and they are pretty far away. 

Have a dessert opinion? Think Zippia is wrong, wrong, wrong? Let us know in the comments below. Personally, we were voting for cookies. All.the.cookies.


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