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Del Taco will present another option for taco Tuesday

Del Taco will present another option for taco Tuesday

Lori Schmidt

There’s a new contender vying for your dinner dinero: Del Taco is coming to central Ohio. 

Enterprising franchisee Sean Cahill, says he plans to bring seven Del Taco restaurants to the area, including one already under construction in Bellefontaine, which will be one of the first-ever built in the state. (Negotiations on a site in Circleville have also taken place.)

“I’ve been involved in franchising and the restaurant industry for 15 years, and have come to appreciate brands who prioritize the customer experience and have strong values,” said Cahill in a press release. “Del Taco is a logical choice for my next investment. The brand has a high standard for freshness and product innovation, and has created a business model that when followed has great benefits. I’m looking forward to leading the brand’s expansion efforts into Ohio, an untapped market with tremendous potential.”


Cahill’s previous experience includes running Buffalo Wild Wings and Tilted Kilt locations. 

Del Taco was founded in 1964 in California. It specializes in American-style Mexican cuisine, but its menu varies by region. 

In the midwest, their restaurants have served up not only tacos and burritos, but also hamburgers. They have an extensive breakfast menu and offer vegetarian and vegan options as well.


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