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Fulfill your vanilla dessert dreams

Fulfill your vanilla dessert dreams

614now Staff

Columbus, we’ve never needed an excuse to satiate our sweet tooth, and we know you’re no different—but we’re going to give you one anyway. Today is National Vanilla Cupcake Day and we say it’s your patriotic duty to go eat one (OK, OK, two) to celebrate this very sweet holiday.

To make things easier for you, we’ve rounded up three local sweets shops to find some vanilla cupcakes that are anything but boring. 

Pattycake Bakery, 3009 N. High St.

Pattycake’s Thrilla Vanilla Cupcake is extra large and features a moist cake that pairs wonderfully with a thick, dense vanilla buttercream icing, and it’s a great vegan option. One of the secrets to this cupcake’s flavor, said co-owner Molly Shea, is the use of pure vanilla. The real deal, she said, gives the cake a unique and complex flavor. 

“Vanilla itself is really a phenomenal flavor,” she said. 

J’s Sweet Treats and Wedding Cakes, 1540 Parsons Ave.

What sets this delectable delight apart from the rest is the painstaking process J’s uses to create the moistest, fluffiest cake. 

Owner Juana Williams said they start by bringing all ingredients to room temperature (no eggs right out of the fridge) and adding the ingredients slowly to a low-speed mixer. 

“We take the time to do it right,” she said. 

If you grab this treat for the “holiday,” you likely won’t be the only one doing so. J’s vanilla cupcakes are extremely popular, Williams said. Get there ASAP to nab yours. 

Short North Piece of Cake, 772 N. High St. 

Whether customers want a wedding cake or a cupcake, Short North’s Vanilla Bean cake is always the most popular flavor, said owner Laura Harter. 

“It’s always the one people gravitate toward the most,” she said. 

This cake features a vanilla bean concentrate that’s added to the cake batter for a sweeter, more enhanced vanilla flavor. The light, airy cake is topped with a European style frosting, which is lighter and not as sweet as it’s American buttercream cousin. 

Did we miss a great vanilla cupcake? Leave it in the comments!



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