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Green Bean Casserole, Ohio? Really?

Green Bean Casserole, Ohio? Really?


Listen, Columbus, I like a good ol’ green bean casserole on my Thanksgiving plate as much as the next person—but, really, Ohio? Of all the Thanksgiving side dishes that could be our state’s favorite, we get green bean casserole?

According to, who used Google Trends to compile this Thanksgiving report, this super unhealthy dish made with white, lumpy, fungus-ridden Cream of Mushroom soup, was the Buckeye State’s go-to side dish on Turkey Day.

Honestly, people, we couldn’t hop on board with fluffy, whipped mashed potatoes or cheesy, gooey mac ‘n’ cheese? Even stuffing wasn’t in the running? No. Green. Bean. Casserole.


IT’S NOT EVEN THE BEST VEGETABLE, you guys! Doesn’t anyone serve corn anymore?

At least we’re not Wyoming or Arkansas, who have brown gravy and white gravy as their favorite side dishes, respectively. You read that right–just the GRAVY.

I mean, gravy isn’t a side dish. It’s a condiment of sorts, like mustard or ketchup; it’s the thing you put ON the side dish. Just not in Wyoming or Arkansas apparently.

Here’s a tip, though, dear readers, since you’re all obviously making green bean casserole this year—the key is in the cheese. Use shredded American cheese in the mix and then on top of the casserole just before you add the french onions. Trust me on this—cheese. You’re welcome. And Happy Thanksgiving.


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