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Hoof Hearted releases three more super exclusive brews

Hoof Hearted releases three more super exclusive brews

Nicholas Youngblood

Hoof Hearted, a brewery based in Marengo, Ohio, with a second taphouse in Columbus, is releasing three new beers this week, each funkier and fruitier than the last. Considering the brewery’s rapid-fire, low-volume release schedule, craft beer connoisseurs will have to act fast before they’re gone.

Made available for online pre-order Monday, four-packs of SaizZurp, Momma Needs Her Fruit Punch, and $120 Nachos will be ready for pick up at the Marengo location Friday, Aug. 21. Operations manager Brayden Volk said they only produce about 1,200 four-packs per brand, and once they sell out, it’s gone. Unsold cases might make their way to the Columbus location and local retailers, but Volk warned potential buyers not to bank on it.

Volk laid out what customers can expect from each of their newest offerings.

Sour Farmhouse Ale, 6.5% ABV

The newest iteration of a beer Hoof Hearted has been brewing on and off for seven years, SaizZurp gets its name from the Three 6 Mafia classic “Sippin’ on Some Sizzurp.” It starts off with a simple kettle sour technique and a saison grain bill. This time, they dumped a boatload of Japanese yuzu puree, adding an acidic, citrus-filled flavor to the medium-light bodied beer. Perfect for sipping on a summer afternoon.

Momma Needs Her Fruit Punch
Double Dry-Hopped IPA, 7% ABV

IPAs are Hoof Hearted’s bread and butter, and this rendition shows that they have it down to a science. Double Dry-Hopped means the brewers have included two additions of hops on the cold side of the brew, imparting all their aroma without cranking up the bitterness. Volk said this full-bodied beer is “packed to the gills with tropical fruit.”

$120 Nachos
4x Dry-Hopped Triple IPA, 12% ABV

This one is an over-the-top twist on a fan favorite from two years ago, a double IPA known as $60 Nachos. The name comes from some friends of the brewers who developed a unique Super Bowl tradition of assembling an irresponsibly expensive platter of tortilla chips after a copious dose of the Devil’s Lettuce. In the spirit of this extravagant culinary endeavor, $120 Nachos cranks up the intensity of its predecessor with a quadruple helping of Citra hops, leading to a flavor that Volk said tows the line between intense citrus and “dank, greener qualities.”


Although these offerings may seem intense to those with little craft beer experience, Volk said the brewery produces beers that anyone can enjoy.

“What we’ve found at Hoof is that a lot of people can come out and claim not to enjoy IPAs,” he said. “But as soon as you give them something that’s truly indicative of what we’re known for — something that’s full bodied and soft and very fruit forward, as opposed to very bitter — we’ve made fans out of would-be naysayers for a good time now.”

Customers can pre-order the super-exclusive cans on the Hoof Hearted Brewing’s online storefront here.


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