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The top 10 trending foods and drinks of 2020

The top 10 trending foods and drinks of 2020

Sarah Sole

Columbus, when you’re grocery shopping, do you ever wonder what other people are putting in their carts? 

Sure, maybe we’re just here for some oat milk, cheese, and lunchmeat, but are we missing out on some fun in the cereal aisle? What’s going down in the frozen foods?

Kroger has addressed our FOMO by releasing a list of the top 10 trending foods and beverages for the year, which they compiled using data from nearly 2,800 retail stores. 


Were any of these in your carts this year? 

  1. Zero-calorie soft drinks

Ah, zero-calorie soft drinks. The over-achieving soda committed to inertia. Yes, we would like a nice, cold cola. No, we’re not headed to the gym either.

  1. Four-cheese Mexican-blend shredded cheese

This is honestly the most versatile type of shredded cheese. Tacos? Yes. Mac ‘n cheese? Check. Salad topper? Covered. Wait, you don’t put cheese on your salad? 

  1. Flavored potato chips

According to Kroger, hot and spicy, regional flavors, and meal-inspired varieties were really popular this year. I mean, you can’t go wrong with spicy chips. Just make sure you have your zero-calorie soft drink nearby. 

  1. Sauvignon Blanc wine

In a pandemic year, we’re kind of surprised the alcohol didn’t top out the list. At least we were fancy, right? 

  1. Heavy whipping cream

A building block of dinners and desserts everywhere. Obviously we were doing a lot more cooking at home this year. 

  1. Fresh burger patties

We might have been quarantining, but we made sure our meals weren’t boring. We’ll bet grills also saw a surge in popularity in 2020.

  1. Artisan breads and restaurant-style buns

See our bet above. 

  1. Bulk individual coffee pods

I mean, who doesn’t have a Keurig now? Plus, caffeine, duh.

  1. Party-size bags of variety chocolate

We’re trying to figure out a joke about chocolate and quarantines, but it’s too soon, dear readers. It’s too soon. 

  1. Black forest ham

As lunch meat goes, this is a solid choice. Where’s that four-cheese Mexican blend? 

Well, Columbus? Which of these items appeared most in your shopping cart this year? It was the wine, wasn’t it? We’ll drink to that. 


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