Vegans across Ohio, rejoice.

Jack McLaughlin

One of the state’s most celebrated and longest-standing ice cream crafters (started in Cincinnati in 1870) is making something just for you.

While the new line of frozen desserts is technically not considered ice cream, their Perfect Indulgence lineup brings together a host of traditional flavors almost everyone can get behind, including Black Cherry Chocolate Chip, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Cookies & Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Oregon Strawberry.

The new offerings arose from a partnership between Graeter’s and Perfect Day, an inventive source of animal-free dairy proteins (yes, you read that right) that adds cow DNA (obtained non-invasively) to microflora, which then produces the dairy proteins whey and casein through fermentation.


According to Perfect Day, their animal-free proteins are identical to the ones found in cows’ milk, and because of this, they offer the same rich and silky texture found in real milk, qualities that other substitutes simply can’t match.

And while many animal-free substitutes in the past have touted their ability to mimic meat or dairy, a quick glance at the nutrition facts of a traditional Graeter’s flavor and one from their Perfect Indulgence line should show you just how similar they are. 

Graeter’s Black Cherry Chocolate Chip contains 380 calories in each 140g serving, and 1,140 calories per pint, in addition to having 27g of fat and 4g of protein. Their Perfect Indulgence Black Cherry Chocolate Chip contains 380 calories per 140g serving, 1,130 calories per pint, 24g of fat, and 4g of protein.

And while you’re probably ready to run to the store right now, you won’t have to wait long to try their Perfect Indulgence offerings. The flavors will be available through Graeter’s online store starting Nov. 27, and in their storefronts on Dec. 1.


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