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Meet 614’s new CEO

Meet 614’s new CEO

Nicholas Youngblood

614 Media Group is proud to introduce Lindsay Press, our new CEO. Press may be new to her position, but she is an old friend of the company, most recently serving as VP of sales. We sat down with Press to talk about her role and how she plans to help 614 to continue to bring the latest to the Columbus community.


What was the journey to CEO?

So actually, I originally had a job with AT&T Mobility selling cell phones, like wireless programs. And I sold Wayne [Lewis, president of 614,] his cell phone program for 614 Media Group. And from there, he was looking for someone to help with Restaurant Week–do a part-time marketing role–and so I joined the team. Started off part time, launching the first Restaurant Week here in Columbus with 614. And since then, 11 years later, grew to CEO.

What do you hope to bring to 614 as CEO?

Part of my passions are definitely our charitable aspects. Columbus has given so much to 614, and 614 wants to give back to Columbus as well. So really being a part of the community, which we already are telling the stories of the people, but also making contributions through our efforts and time and adding a bigger charitable component. And we serve the purpose to help people experience the city, and so that’s what I just want to continue to be able to do.

It’s a tough time for a lot of people right now. What can 614 provide for its readers?

I think 614 holds true in helping to tell the stories of the people, places, and things that make this such a great place to be. I think there are people that are doing amazing things community-wise. So it’s bringing to life some of those stories, telling the good stories of the good people that are making moves and doing important things that are helping to drive Columbus to be that next step; I guess help drive Columbus to really come together as a community.

It’s important to know what’s happening around you, but I think that this can be a nice break for people while still understanding the severity of the things that are happening, for sure.

What makes Columbus a good town for journalism?

It’s my town. I’ve lived here almost my whole life, so absolutely. You know, it’s been so fun to see 614 start from just the individual monthly magazine and grow to 614, and Stock & Barrel, and Restaurant Week, Burger and Beer Week–all the various events and opportunities that we allow people to experience a city in. There’s so many great people that are helping to make the city what it is today, and so, to be able to shed that light on that is pretty amazing.

What is your favorite thing about Columbus?

Well, my family’s from here. So, you know, obviously having my family here, I do enjoy that. Columbus is one of those places where there’s a little bit of something for everybody. So if you want to get involved in a charitable event or whatever it is, there’s typically–pre-COVID–there’s typically something to do there. The food scene has expanded tremendously. There’s so many great restaurants and restaurateurs. And even if you want to get out, explore–I live in the Westerville area–so there’s so many great parks in Delaware, Westerville, Franklin County. There’s so many big parks to explore. So whether you’re looking for some water, some land, some forest, some trees, there’s really a little bit for everybody.

When you aren’t working, what are you doing?

I have two little ones. I have a 4-year old and a 2-year old. So chasing them around. But, you know, I think that goes back to–I am able to kind of experience the city again through their eyes and through their lense. So checking out those parks or going to a bakery to get some donuts or, you know, checking out some of the newest spots. It’s been a good experience, to be able to do that through their eyes. And other than that, hanging out with family. And you can pretty much find me all around the city.

What is a message you want to give to 614 readers?

I think it’s 614’s duty to have a pulse on what’s happening in the city and to help bring to life those stories. So we have continued to be and we will continue to be the trusted source for that. And I know this is a different time than most, but we want to continue to be that reliable source for all things that are happening in and around Columbus.


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