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June 2020

June 2020


In normal times, the month of June is the long-awaited start to summer – backyard barbecues, outdoor concerts, patios and enjoying our relatively short-slice of perfect weather. Instead, 2020 has offered a season of challenges from COVID-19 to the ongoing protests surrounding police brutality and the killing of George Floyd.

This issue went to press before the Floyd killing and subsequent protests. Columbus was just emerging from the pandemic lock-down as businesses stretched their arms and prepared for the return to semi-normalcy.

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Here’s what’s inside:

  • Carryout Coronation
  • No “small” in small business
  • Rockin’ in a F-150: Truck-bound concert series reaches the city’s most vulnerable with music
  • The Parlor: Reconnecting Artists and Audiences
  • The Music Lives On: A ‘night out’ from the comfort of your own couch
  • Drive-In Renewal: The battle at home against trolls
  • Ohio Wineries
  • Salvation in a Can
  • Columbus’ Asian Kitchens
  • Not a Moment Too Soon: The reopening take of Valter’s at the Maennerchor
  • Employee of the Month: How a manager’s dedication kept a Columbus classic going
  • Sustainable Adaptation
  • The Bread Diaries
  • Carryout Coronation: Dining-in may be back, but carryout is here to stay
  • Making the Pivot: New Distillery Thrives despite uncertain climate
  • Sound of Silence: Craft & Vinyl rallies small business struggling through the shutdown
  • Special Delivery
  • Love in the time of Corona: You smell so good, is that Purell you’re wearing?
  • Two Arts Collide: Combining art forms, FERA hopes to reinvigorate the Columbus Denim scene.
  • Quarantine Fashion
  • #Asseenincolumbus
  • Thank you!

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