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“Blooms & Butterflies” returns later this month

“Blooms & Butterflies” returns later this month

Sarah Sole

Soon we’ll be able to get a taste of spring, even though mother nature doesn’t seem to want to cooperate.

Franklin Park Conservatory‘s seasonal exhibit, “Blooms & Butterflies,” returns Feb. 20 and will run through May 31, according to a release from the Conservatory.

“Butterflies have long been considered a symbol of hope and beauty. That message feels especially profound now, considering the life-altering impacts of 2020. After a difficult year, we are so excited to have butterflies back at the Conservatory as we welcome the spring season,” said President and CEO Bruce Harkey in a prepared statement.


Visitors to the exhibit will be able to see about 2,500 exotic butterflies inside the Pacific Island Water Garden, the largest indoor biome at the Conservatory. You’ll want to keep an eye out for the blue morpho, easy to spot with its large, iridescent blue wings.

All the butterflies in the exhibit come to the Conservatory as chrysalises. You can see them at the Conservatory’s Metamorphosis Lab.

While the Conservatory won’t perform the daily butterfly release demonstrations this year in accordance with pandemic-related safety precautions, staff will instead do something similar virtually.

While you’re checking out the butterflies, be sure to also save some time for the Conservatory’s “Orchids” exhibit. Featuring thousands of blooming flowers, the exhibit runs through March 7.

For more information about exhibits, click here.

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