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Take a safari with this dino drive-thru adventure

Take a safari with this dino drive-thru adventure

Sarah Sole

From May 21 through May 31, the Ohio History Connection will be transformed into Pangea National Park with over 40 giant moving dinosaurs.

According to a release, the Dino Safari exhibit comes courtesy of a collaboration between Imagine Exhibitions, Inc., and paleontologist Dr. Gregory Erickson. Featured dinos include Triceratops, Parasaurolophus, Microraptor, T. rex, and Spinosaurus. Adventurers will learn how dinos evolved over time, as well as how they ate, moved, and behaved. You might also luck out and see some dinos duking it out. We don’t recommend engaging in any fisticuffs with them yourself, though.


During their safari, visitors will be able to take advantage of complimentary survival packs that include a scavenger hunt, coloring activity, and other surprises. An audio guide is able to be played through each car’s audio system.

Tickets start at $49.95 per vehicle and can be purchased at

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