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Two houses made from pumpkins headline new Franklin Park Conservatory event

Two houses made from pumpkins headline new Franklin Park Conservatory event

Jack McLaughlin

You’ve heard of Pumpkins Aglow, where hundreds of Jack-o’-lanterns adorn Franklin Park Conservatory at night. Now, say hello to Harvest Blooms, which features thousands of pumpkins, mums, and more of the conservatory’s best fall displays in a unique month-long event. 

Held from Sept. 25 through Oct. 31, Harvest Blooms will be held during the day (from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.) with Pumpkins Aglow taking over in the evenings. 


Splendid autumnal color from a variety of late-blooming flowers and plants will set Franklin Park Conservatory ablaze. Visitors will even have a chance to check out some unique fall fruit in the Children’s Garden, such as buckeyes, pawpaws, and sumac.

 The real anchor of the event, however, is its pair of pumpkin houses. To create them, a variety of decorative gourds and pumpkins of all shapes and sizes are stacked to create the framework of a small house that visitors can actually step inside. Guests to Harvest Blooms last year will remember only a single pumpkin house, meaning things are twice as nice this autumn.

Billed as “one of the most photogenic exhibitions of the year”, Harvest Blooms is included with the price of admission to Franklin Park Conservatory.

The conservatory’s is also hosting its annual Glass Pumpkin Patch Sale, which starts today and runs until Sept. 26.

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