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Get a tarot reading or consult an animal whisperer at this new, ethereal night market

Get a tarot reading or consult an animal whisperer at this new, ethereal night market

Jack McLaughlin

Just in time for Halloween, there’s a new esoteric night market in town. This means you can have a reiki session, browse stained glass, take in live music and dancing around an autumn bonfire, or scope out a wide range of wonderfully off-kilter vintage clothing.

Known fittingly as Mystic Market, the event gathers nearly 40 weird, wild, and metaphysical Columbus makers, vendors, healers, and artists together all in one place. The market is held the first and third Friday of every month (although it will also take place on Oct. 29 this month). The next one will be on Oct. 1, from 5-11 p.m.

The Mystic Market is located in the lot abutting the SoHud mural, at 2519 Summit St., across the street from Evolved Body Art.


Organized by Lindsay Ciulla of Hearts & Stars and Cat Ramos, the idea for the event came to the two during this year’s summer solstice around a bonfire. It doesn’t get more fitting than that.

They’ve made sure you’ll be able to check out vendor tents like Hearts & Stars to purchase handmade crystal jewelry, Jardin Secreto for unique, herb-focused teas, or Talk Tarot to Me to get a reading of your own.

Mayor Adam’s Amazing Holographic Box will offer engrossing visual light shows in a unique, compact format as well.

According to Ciulla, there are even a variety of metaphysical healers on-site. This includes energy bar healers, oracles, reiki practitioners, and more. “We have people who can tell you what your aura looks like,” Ciulla said. “It may be your thing or it may not be, but believe it or not, a lot of people do benefit from healers.”

With an interesting blend of mysticism, live music, and an inviting atmosphere, the market is something you have to experience for yourself to understand. “It has these ancient night-market vibes—the markets that have existed throughout cultures for generations—but we also have light shows and arts, which give this boardwalk-carnival vibe as well,” she said.

The event, which was held for the first time in July, is also organized in part by vintage purveyors SoHud Collective, meaning you can even shop for some great retro threads while you take in the event.

And if you get hungry, grab some Egyptian cuisine or color-changing lemonade from one of the on-site food vendors.

We can’t envision a better way to kick off October, so grab your sage and tarot deck, we’ll meet you there at sunset.

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