After second-longest winning streak in show history, OSU grad’s ‘Jeopardy!’ run comes to an end

Jack McLaughlin

Matt Amodio’s staggering 38-game winning streak on Jeopardy finally ended on Monday night, but chances are you won’t see him too bent out of shape about it.

That’s in large part because the Cleveland native and Yale Ph.D. student raked in a cool $1,518,601 for his efforts.


Amodio held a comfortable lead at the first commercial break with $7,400, with competitors Jonathan Fisher and Jessica Stephens holding $2,200 and $1,200, respectively. Fisher began to mount a comeback, though, and while the Ohio State grad clung to a slight lead heading into Double Jeopardy!, an incorrect answer cost him $5,000, and sent him into third place.

The clue was “Nazi Germany annexed this nation and divided it into regions of the Alps and the Danube: the Allies later divided it into four sectors.”

The OSU alumnus incorrectly answered, “What is Poland?” Both of his competitors correctly answered, “What is Austria?” Fisher eventually won the match.

“Everybody’s so smart and so competent that this could happen any game,” Amodio said in a statement. “And this time it did.”

He also took to Twitter to congratulate his fellow contestants.

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