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Columbus Pride Submissions: Austin Black

Columbus Pride Submissions: Austin Black

614now Staff

The LGBTQ+ community is strong, powerful, seen and heard here in Columbus. And 614 wanted to take the month of PRIDE and give the cover section over to our loud and proud LGBTQ+ Columbus crowd with their unedited copy, poems, art, photos, stories, and more about their experience here in the capital city. From love to heartbreak and everything in between, you get to hear directly from the people who make up this vibrant group about how they view the world and their place in it. Start flipping the pages to check out what the folks living happily and PRIDE-fully here in Central Ohio have to say. Happy PRIDE month, Columbus!


By Austin Black

For me, My first Pride was the most magical experience. (2019 Pride Parade) It was quite possibly the most validating, happiest moment of my life. I obtained my first pride flag and (Sorry its gonna be a little deep) finally forgot what it felt like to hate myself all the time.

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