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Columbus Pride Submissions: Quarantine Day Dream (of Escaping to a Farm)

Columbus Pride Submissions: Quarantine Day Dream (of Escaping to a Farm)

614now Staff

The LGBTQ+ community is strong, powerful, seen and heard here in Columbus. And 614 wanted to take the month of PRIDE and give the cover section over to our loud and proud LGBTQ+ Columbus crowd with their unedited copy, poems, art, photos, stories, and more about their experience here in the capital city. From love to heartbreak and everything in between, you get to hear directly from the people who make up this vibrant group about how they view the world and their place in it. Start flipping the pages to check out what the folks living happily and PRIDE-fully here in Central Ohio have to say. Happy PRIDE month, Columbus!


Oil on Panel
4 x 4 ft

Sky Dai

During the initial lockdown, My (now-ex) partner and I escaped our apartment to walk around, picking dandelion greens to eat, lying in an abandoned lot to daydream about escaping the city to intern at an organic farm. We hoped to be able to live in an intentional community and learn about herbalism, spend our days in nature, gardening and caring of sheep, and “be lesbian farmers.” The “ace of cups” was a tarot card we pulled over and over again. The energetic cord connecting the two of us at our hearts is threatened by the knife in my partner’s belt loop. This was the first serious gay relationship for both of us and it was dreamlike and beautiful but, like the farm, things weren’t as they seemed.

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