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Get Goghing: Immersive art exhibit headed to Columbus

Get Goghing: Immersive art exhibit headed to Columbus

Sarah Sole

After extremely popular runs in Paris and Toronto, Immersive Van Gogh Columbus is coming our way. 

According to the event website, the experience features 500,000 cubic feet of projections animating Van Gogh’s art, from sunny landscapes, to night scenes, to portraits and still life paintings. 


The production comes courtesy of designer Massimiliano Siccardi, with soundtrack compilation by Luca Longobardi. Both are responsible for immersive digital art experiences in France. 

Among the works included are the Mangeurs de pommes de terre (The Potato Eaters, 1885), the Nuit étoilée (Starry Night, 1889), Les Tournesols (Sunflowers, 1888), and La Chambre à coucher (The Bedroom, 1889). 

The exhibit has been held across the world in cities including Beijing, Naples, Brussels, and Tel Aviv. While tickets are available in some U.S. cities now, they aren’t yet available for the Columbus event. 

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