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Good Vibes: Local shop specializes in good energy for self-care

Good Vibes: Local shop specializes in good energy for self-care


Self-care is a journey of alignment and high vibes, one that wellness retail entrepreneur, Bee, sought with his holistic lifestyle shop, Edin Birkin. Neighboring his botanical sister-shop, Yelo Aple, Edin Birkin is home to diverse metaphysical delights, from cleansing sage and Palo Santo to crystals and locally-made candles.

Introduced to the bustling Parsons boutique area last summer, the warm energy of Edin Birkin invites customers to share in the comfort of habitual wellness. On any given day, you may catch Bee running in between both Yelo Aple and Edin Birkin, carefully overseeing his holism-centered establishments.

“Edin Birkin was a spiritual journey of my own. I find myself caring so much about my presentation and what others thought of me and what I do,” Bee said. “I truly wanted to focus on myself and all of the important properties of my idea of self respect and care.”


Many were driven to the central downtown convenience of Edin Birkin, looking to spruce up their personal spaces while in quarantine. While the shop is quaint, there’s enough space for customers to approach their shopping experience with restorative meditation or energy-building in mind. Upon entering the shop, customers are welcomed with a table P.F. Candle Co incense, ritualistic candles from Altar Co. and Full Moon Farms Palo Santo wood alongside sage in Blue, White, Desert and Dragons Blood. 

With sustainable and mindful ingredients, Edin Birkin also hosts an array of skincare, beard and hair care products including grooming oils, soaps, face washes and scrubs. For customers with a mystic flair, the shop has a host of tarot cards and books of affirmations. Carefully made with intention, each product resonates with Bee, curator of the shop’s consistent, handpicked product lineup.

Photo by Jen Brown

“We get a lot of people in for our smudge sticks, crystals and skincare, however, we stand behind everything we have. You can just walk in and feel better,” he said. “As long as you take away something good, that’s all we care about. People really love the vibe of the shop. They walk in and they say they can feel the good vibes and energy–that never gets old to us.”

Continuing to bloom the Old Towne East community, Edin Birkin incorporates energetic plants from Yelo Aple into an atmospheric ‘home-boutique’ hub with abstract decor that replicates Bee’s home. Taking cues from his personal lifestyle, Bee gives room for Edin Birkin customers to prioritize their healing before welcoming anyone else.

“Be selfish! It’s your energy, your body, your mind and your soul. We all deserve to be selfish,” he said. “We are just here to join the conversation–it’s a learning experience. There is no wrong way to start or continue your journey.”

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