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Pandemic postpones Bunbury Music Festival

Pandemic postpones Bunbury Music Festival

Sarah Sole

Bunbury Music Festival organizers announced via press release today, Jan. 11 that because of the pandemic, the festival will be postponed.

The alternative music festival typically features three days of performances on four stages throughout Sawyer Point and Yeatman’s Cove in Cincinnati.

Last year’s festival, originally scheduled for May 31 through June 2, was cancelled due to the pandemic.

“It has been difficult to plan and book artists when we are still unsure of what the situation will look like come June,” said president of PromoWest Productions Scott Stienecker in the release. “We have not been able to secure a lineup that we think is up to the level that our festival attendees have grown accustomed to.”

According to the release, the festival hopes to return once it’s safe to do so.


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