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Something new is rolling out in Easton

Something new is rolling out in Easton

Sarah Sole

Starting Aug. 23, you’ll be able to ride the Pedal Wagon at Easton Town Center.

Pedal Wagon City Manager Joe Kapferer said the route will include most of Easton’s interior streets, with stops at restaurants and bars along the way.

“As we get more comfortable in the neighborhood, we will look into adding different types of cruises like shopping or dinner related ones,” Kapferer said.


Pedal Wagon has a centrally located garage in the Short North, and has routes in the Short North, Italian Village, Arena District, and downtown areas, Kapferer said. The company is located in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Covington, Kentucky.

Kapferer said the company has envisioned adding an Easton location for a long while.

“It originally came up as an idea to do a holiday lights tour-shopping shuttle, but quickly became an area where we saw the idea of our normal style of operation working,” Kapferer said. “Pedal Wagon is all about the community that we’re based in, which compliments Easton’s commitment to building their town center into a full fledged community.”

According to a release from Easton, the Pedal Wagon will be available year-round for private events and select public times. Public cruises are for those 21 and over. Private cruises can have alcohol on board if all riders are 21 and over. Those under 18 need parent liability waivers. More info can be found here.

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