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Get the lowdown on Easton’s newest eatery

Get the lowdown on Easton’s newest eatery

Jack McLaughlin

Don’t look now, but Easton Town Center is fast becoming a hub for eclectic cuisine from around the world. 

The newest addition to the popular Columbus-area mall is Pho Social, which officially opened its doors on July 21. Set up in a sleek new Easton storefront, it looks to provide authentic pho, Vietnamese coffee, and an impressive selection of less-common traditional side dishes.

The new family-owned eatery, located in Easton’s North District at 3991 Worth Ave., is operated by sisters Dzuyen and Oanh Do. Pho Social is the first restaurant the duo has owned, but they’re no strangers to the joys of food, and they hope to share this with central Ohio.

“They wanted to open a restaurant, the reason being a passion for cooking, especially food that brought joy to them living in Vietnam,” said Victoria Tran, family member and Pho Social employee.

Tran said the Do family hopes to “bring that joy to many others.”


And while the sisters may be first-time restaurant owners, their polished eatery already feels like the product of industry veterans.

Pho Social’s interior features a healthy dose of reclaimed wood—from its exposed ceiling beams to bar-area shelving—offset by clean, white stone surfaces and more-than-adequate lighting from a decorative array of hanging bulbs.

The menu is concise and authentic, with (no surprise here) the beef pho coming in as their top-selling item. You can also grab authentic Vietnamese crepes (Bahn Xeo), a variety of rice dishes, and a Vietnamese coffee (hot or iced, and served with condensed milk) or even Vietnamese-style flan (Banh Flan) for dessert.

According to Tran, the restaurant has been running smoothly since its opening last week. If all goes according to plan, she says, Columbus diners could see more Pho Social locations pop up in the near future.

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